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Mr. Hunt began his environmental career as the original director of personnel to establish the Denver Regional office for the new Environmental Protection Agency in 1971. He retired in December, 1988 after having served as a Special Assistant to the EPA Administrator and as the Deputy Regional Administrator in Denver. In 1989 he founded and was President of the first of three environmental companies--Foremost Solutions, a consulting firm, and then USTMAN Industries, which pioneered a successful innovative leak detection system for underground storage tanks in 1990. In 1993 he expanded and incorporated Foremost Solutions into an environmental remediation company applying his patented enhanced in situ bioremediation technology utilizing hydraulic fracturing and a selected treatment slurry comprising ceramic Isolite™. Believing that the use of Isolite™ is a major contributor to his successful patented method, Mr. Hunt played an instrumental role in getting FES designated the national distributor of Isolite™ for environmental purposes by Sumitomo Corporation of America.

Areas of Expertise

• Environmental Program Management
• UST Requirements
• Administrative and Political Issues
• Executive Training

Education and Registration

• A.A. Business Administration, Mesa State College, 1957, Grand Junction, Colorado
• B.A. Business/Economics Western State College, 1959, Gunnison, Colorado
• M.A. Psychology/Education Western State College, 1962, Gunnison, Colorado

Professional History

• Foremost Environmental Solutions, LLC, Founder and President, 2005 to present

• Foremost Solutions, Inc., Founder and President, 1993 to 2004
• USTMAN Industries, Inc., Founder and President, 1989 to 1993
• US EPA, Senior Executive, 1971-1976; 1981-1988
• US GSA, Human Resources Director, 1976-1980
• US Civil Service Commission, Personnel Management Specialist 1963-1971

Significant Project Assignments

• At Foremost Solutions, acquired distributorship of Isolite™; patent holder of BioLuxing technologies; co-patent holder for BioWalls and X-PeRT Systems. Oversees corporate operations.
• At USTMAN Industries, led the development of the USTMAN Statistical Inventory Reconciliation (SIR) System, an innovative UST leak detection system.

• Served as the forerunner to explain this new technique to Federal and State regulators for approved use and then, industry introduction. USTMAN is the world’s largest SIR company.
• At EPA, served in numerous management roles in the Denver Region, including Deputy Regional Administrator, also served as a special assistant to the

• Administrator of EPA in Washington, DC during the Reagan Administration to re-organize EPA.

Awards and Recognition

• EPA Administrator’s Award for Exception Service 1981
• EPA Bronze Medal Award for Commendable Service 1974
• Distinguished Business Executive, Mesa State College 1996
• Distinguished Alumnus, Mesa State College 1998
• Who’s Who in American Colleges & Universities 1959

Mr. Busby has over 25 years in sales and marketing in the private sector and has represented FOREMOST Solutions, Inc. and Foremost Environmental Solutions as S&M Director for over nine years, primarily in Washington DC and the New England states. As a Norwich University alum he has key contacts at the Pentagon, especially with the Army’s Environmental Center and at their headquarters in San Antonio.

Areas of Expertise

Education and Registration

Professional History

Significant Project Assignments

Awards and Recognition

Dr. Mahaffey has twenty-five years experience providing full-service microbial consulting. He has managed emerging biotreatment technology projects at facilities around the world. Mr. Mahaffey has participated in soil and groundwater remediation projects, designed, installed, and started remediation systems at military, RCRA facilities and CERCLA sites.

Areas of Expertise

• Biotreatment Technologies
• Degradation of Chlorinated Compounds
• Government Facilities
• Research

Education and Registration

• Ph.D. Microbial Biochemistry
• M.S. Microbial Ecology
• B.S. Microbiology

Professional History

• Foremost Environmental Solutions, LLC. (Lakewood, Colorado) Senior Microbial Consultant
• FOREMOST Solutions, Inc. (Golden, Colorado) Senior Microbial Consultant
• Pelorous EnBiotech Corp. (Evergreen, Colorado), President
• Ecova (Golden, Colorado)

Significant Project Assignments

• Program manager for a bioremediation program under a Corrective Measures Study. Responsibilities included bioremediation design, regulatory interface, remedy screening and selection, process development studies. Developed a continuous-feed Continuous Stir Tank Reactor for modeling bioremediation of sludges containing heavy metals, VOC’s, and semi-volatile organics.
• Technical advisor through Sandia National Laboratories as part of the DOE initiative to begin bringing innovative technologies to field demonstration. Senior technical advisor for a field demonstration program involving Rotary Steam Drilling and In Situ Anaerobic Bioremediation.
• Principal in charge of developing program which resulted in the first successful introduction of a TCE cooxidixzing bacterium into a contaminated aquifer. Developed the Biocurtain concept of using an in situ biologically active wall as combination containment/treatment system for low permeability sites. Successfully developed a large-scale microcosm for modeling the process and demonstrating technical viability.
• Task manager responsible for developing bioremediation alternatives for the treatment of petroleum hydrocarbons and chlorinated solvents. A waste storage tank at a materials testing laboratory leaked an estimated 5000 gallons of chlorinated extracts and asphalt road materials. Compounds of concern were BTEX, TCA, TCE, and DCA.
• Developed and maintained a natural attenuation program of a chlorinated solvent impacted site. Demonstrated sequential anaerobic/aerobic biotransformations within the contaminant plume which consisted of aromatic hydrocarbons, TCA, TCE, and MeCl. Developed laboratory data for implementing an anaerobic Biocurtain in which anaerobic dechlorinating consortium are used to colonize an inert support matrix placed perpendicular to the flow path via horizontal fracturing.

Mr. Yorke has over 35 years of experience in managing environmental programs. He helped establish the Region 8 Office of the Environmental Protection Agency. With that agency he managed elements of most of the environmental media programs.

Areas of Expertise

• Environmental program management
• Hazardous substance remediation
• Emergency response planning and coordination

Education and Registration

• M.S. Civil Engineering, 1964, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
• B.S. Civil Engineering, 1961, North Carolina State University, Raleigh, NC
• Professional Engineer – Colorado and North Carolina
• Registered Land Surveyor - North Carolina
• OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operation, 8-hour Supervisory Training, refresher courses

Professional History

• FOREMOST Solutions, Inc., (Golden, CO), Senior Environmental Consultant
• U.S. Environmental Protection Agency & predecessor agencies (30 years, various positions)
• Gardner-Kline & Associates (Raleigh, NC), Soils Engineer

Significant Project Assignements

• At FOREMOST Solutions, prepared proposals and design plans for in situ bioremediation projects for treatment of contaminated soils and groundwater. Served as manager for bioremediation projects. Directed soil and groundwater sampling for these projects and prepared reports on project results.
• At EPA Region 8, managed regional program for the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, the Toxic Substances Control Act (TSCA), the Asbestos Hazardous Emergency Response Act, and the Emergency Planning and Community Right- to-Know Act. Supervised program to enforce these statutes and served on national task forces to develop policy and regulations.
• At EPA headquarters, assisted the in formulating national pesticide regulatory decisions. Developed strategies to ensure that final decisions were implemented in an orderly, efficient and effective manner in the field (regional offices and states).
• At EPA Region 8, was responsible for implementing multi-media emergency preparedness and response procedures of the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act, the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (Superfund), the Safe Drinking Water Act, and the TSCA. Managed a multi-disciplinary team for response to environmental emergencies including oil spills, hazardous substances spills, and air pollution episodes and served as an On-Scene-Coordinator.
• At Gardner-Kline & Associates, evaluated soil conditions and designed foundations.

Awards and Recognition

• EPA Gold Medal for Exceptional Service (1995)
• EPA Bronze Medals for Commendable Service (1992, 1990, 1979)
• EPA Region 8 Quality Improvement of Year Award (1993, 1992)
• EPA National Award for Excellence in Management (1987)

Mr. Fleischman has thirteen years experience providing full-service environmental consulting. He has managed petroleum projects at army bases, National Guard facilities, refineries, bulk terminals, pipelines, and underground storage tank sites. Mr. Fleischman has participated in waste minimization/process modification projects, designed, installed, and started remediation systems at RCRA facilities and CERCLA sites.

Areas of Expertise

• Petroleum Hydrocarbon Assessment and Remediation
• UST, Hazardous, and Solid Waste Management
• Government Contracting
• Emergency Response Coordination

Education and Registration

• B.S. Chemical Engineering, Colorado State University, Fort Collins, Colorado
• Registered Engineer-in-Training
• OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations, 8-hour Supervisory Training, and Refresher Courses

Professional History

• Viridian, (Denver, Colorado) Chief Operating Officer for land purchases and environmental cleanup

• Foremost Environmental Solutions, (Lakewood, CO) Senior Consultant

• KRF Convenience, LLC (Denver, Colorado), General Manager

• Applied EcoSystems, Inc. (Denver, Colorado); President

• EnecoTech, Inc. (Denver, Colorado); Project Engineer, Senior Staff Engineer


Significant Project Assignments

• Managed the Applied EcoSystems corporation of 80 people who performed environmental consulting and contracting in six offices throughout the country at over $7,000,000 in sales per year. The company performed projects such as:
• Removal and replacement of 10 UST’s at Fort Lewis Military Facility, Tacoma, Washington. The project involved the removal of 10 UST’s varying from 1,000 to 25,000 gallons. The project required the design and build of new fueling facilities for many types of government vehicles. The project budget was over $3,000,000 and was completed in 18 months.
• Removal and replacement of 20 UST waste oil systems for the Ohio Army Nation Guard. Twenty facilities around the state required the removal of a 1,000 gallon waste oil tank, the replacement of the facilities waste handling equipment and the installation of a piping and tank storage system for the waste staging. The project cost was $500,000 and was completed in less than one year.
• Managed design and development of over 65 remediation systems in Colorado, Michigan, Texas, Illinois, California, and Oklahoma. Technologies applied include soil venting, air sparging, groundwater control and recovery, and air stripping. Project budgets ranged from $10,000 to over $500,000.
• Coordinated over two dozen emergency responses following spills of hazardous materials and wastes including radioactive tailings, liquid ammonia, fuel products, and lube oils. Clients have included construction companies, waste haulers, petroleum retailers, and emergency agencies


• Member American Institute of Chemical Engineers (AIChE), 10 years
• Current Advisor to Colorado Department of Labor and Employment, Oil Inspection Section, for the Development of Reasonable Remediation Cost Guidelines

Dr. Murdoch has twenty-two years experience providing subsurface fracturing evaluation, academic research, and fracturing installations. He has managed subsurface fracturing projects utilizing chemical treatment, provided oversight of research programs and direction of facility resources toward meeting project objectives, as well as development, planning and managing field demonstrations of remedial technologies. Principal investigator on major research projects involving theoretical and applied methods of enhancing delivery or recovery of subsurface fluids.

Areas of Expertise

• Geological field studies
• Fracture and fluid mechanics
• Hydrology
• In situ remedial processes
• Field equipment design

Education and Registration

• Ph.D. Geology Department, 1991, University of Cincinnati
• M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering Department, 1987, University of Cincinnati
• M.S. Geology Department, 1983, University of Cincinnati
• B.S. Earth Sciences Department, 1980, Penn State University

Professional History

• FOREMOST Solutions, Inc. (Clemson, NC) Senior Environmental Consultant
• Clemson University, (Clemson, NC) Assistant Professor, Department of Geosciences
• FRx Inc., (Cincinnati, Ohio), President
• University of Cincinnati,(Cincinnati, Ohio), Director of Research, Geohydrology Group

Significant Project Assignments

• Evaluation of steam stripping and hot air injection into fine-grained soils containing hydraulic fractures, API/DOE, $200,000.
• Demonstration of steam stripping and accelerated liquid recovery, DOD, $100,000.
• Electrokinetic remediation of soil using innovative subsurface techniques, $300,000.
• Demonstration of hydraulic fracturing to accelerate remediation of the Linemaster Switch Superfund site $95,000.
• Evaluation of an in situ horizontal grout barrier, DOE, $200,000.
• Evaluate emplacement and performance of grout barriers, DOE, $82,000.
• Hydraulic fracturing field demonstration, Principal Investigator, EPA 68-C9-0031, $600,000.
• Development of methods to hydraulically fracture soil, Principal Investigator, EPA, $320,000


• Society Petroleum Engineers
• National Groundwater Association
• Association of Engineering Geologists
• American Society of Civil Engineers
• Professional Geologists of Indiana

Dr. DiGrazia is a chemical engineer with a diverse background in the environmental consulting industry and most recently, the biotechnology industry. He has managed the development and implementation of innovative bioreactor treatment systems as well as in situ bioremediation processes. His extensive mathematical modeling background enables Pelorus/FES to provide our clients with analytical or numerical model solutions for understanding the fate and transport dynamics in impacted aquifers. As a program manager he has developed and tested a vapor phase treatment system for the Boeing Company and implemented a bioreactor treatment process for treating TCE impacted groundwater at the DOE, Savannah River Site. Most recently, he has been involved in the development and commercialization of a biological desulfurization process for petroleum products. He has consulted in the U.S. and extensively in Europe.

Areas of Expertise

• Mathematical modeling

• Biotreatment Technologies

• Degradation of Chlorinated and other Recalcitrant Compounds

• Government Facilities

• Laboratory Research and Analysis

Education and Registration
• Ph.D. Chemical Engineering, Center for Environmental Biotechnology, U of Tenn.

• B.S. Chemical Engineering, Purdue University


Professional History
• FOREMOST Solutions, Inc. (Denver, Colorado) Senior Consultant

• Pelorous EnBiotechnology (Evergreen, Colorado),

• Enchira Biotechnology Corp, The Woodlands, Texas, Biodesulfurization Program Mgr.

• Energy BioSystems Corporation, The Woodlands, Texas, Dir. of Business Development,

• Engineering Manager, and Senior Research Engineer

• ECOVA Corporation, Golden, Colorado, Senior Technology Engineer,

• Europa, S.p.A., Rome, Italy, Biochemical Engineer


Significant Project Assignments

• Currently manage the Pelorus laboratory and pilot scale operations. Operations include remediation feasibility studies, technology development and optimization, biological and chemical analysis, bioreactor treatment systems .Headed special task force to develop Enchira's high-throughput screening capabilities including designed and operated a system to neutralize acid-contaminated soil in a cathodic protection well for a 250,000 barrel crude oil storage tank.

• Managed bio-desulfurization pilot plant program, supervising eight engineers.

• Supervised the operation of a 20,000 ton per year biotreatment system to remediate oily sludges at a former refinery.

Mr. Barlock has over 18 years of professional experience in environmental consulting and management.

Areas of Expertise

• Environmental Program Management

• Technical Evaluation and Oversight

• Project Design

• Field Project Installations and Management

• Hydrogeological Assessments and Hydrofracturing

Education and Registration

• M.S. Geology, 1988, San Jose State University, San Jose, California

• B.A. Geology, 1984, University of Northern Colorado, Greeley, Colorado

• R.G. Registered Professional Geologist – California 1995

Professional History

• Foremost Environmental Solutions, Consultant

• Pelorus EnBiotech Corp, Evergreen, CO, Sr. Program Manger, Principal Hydrogeologist

• SECOR International, Inc., Denver, CO, Regional Manager & Asst. Tech. Service Dir.

• United States Geological Survey, Denver, CO, Research Geologist


Significant Project Assignments

• P&L management of over $9MM in annual revenue; regional marketing; development and expansion assistance for a company-wide Technical Service Program and enhanced remediation through hydrofracturing.

• Served as Sr. Project Manager/Principal Hydrogeologist for the design and technical oversight of the geologic and hydrogeologic investigations for the enhanced remediation via hydrofracturing for the CDOT’s chlorinated and hydrocarbon-impacted RCRA facility in Colorado.

• Designed and managed several complex groundwater performance monitoring plans for various aquifers beneath the site; hydraulic evaluation of the groundwater extraction and soil-vapor extraction (SVE) system; and design of a unique shallow, hydrofracturing injection delivery system and monitoring array to support various remediation technologies.

• Provided peer review and technical oversight as well as litigation services in support of the design and hydrogeologic assessment for the permitting, CQA, hydrofracturing, and remedial investigations at CERCLA and RCRA-regulated industrial and solid waste facilities sites throughout the US.

• Served as Senior Hydrogeologist for several large SW Consulting firms.

• Served as Project Manager for many environmental field projects ranging from solid waste, natural gas, contaminated groundwater, surface water monitoring, landfills to wetland delineation concerns.

• Other strengths include litigation support, public speaking and publishing, as well as a working knowledge of Federal and State CERCLA and RCRA environmental regulation and compliance.

Supervised the fracturing and sub-surface monitoring of more than 175 individual bedrock fractures and managed the installation of over 86 nested injection wells.




Anaerobic In-Situ Bioremediation of Chlorinated Solvents at an Industrial Site: Authors: Jeffrey J. Fleischman, C. Alvin Yorke, and Theodore O. Meiggs, Foremost Solutions, Inc.; William R. Mahaffey, Pelorus EnBioTech Corporation; and William Slack, FRx, Inc. This paper was published in the proceedings of The Third International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds (May 20-23, 2002; Monterey, CA).

MTBE Bioremediation with BioNets Containing Isolite, PM1, Solid Oxygen Source (SOS) or Air: Authors: Sandra A. Stavnes, U. S. EPA Region 8; Jeffrey J. Fleischman, and Seth C. Hunt, FOREMOST Solutions, Inc.; Jennifer Goetz, Mark Kemper, and Michael Roulier, U.S. EPA, ORD, Cincinnati, OH; Krassi Hristova, and Kate Scow, University of California, Davis, CA; Kristine Knutson, U.S. EPA, Region 8, Helena, MT; William R. Mahaffey, Pelorus EnBiotech Corp; David J. Slomczynski, Univ. of Cincinnati; and Wendy J. Davis-Hoover, U.S. EPA, ORD, Cincinnati, OH. Presented at The Third International Conference on Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds (May 20-23, 2002; Monterey, CA).

In Situ Bioremediation of Petroleum in Tight Soils Using Hydraulic Fracturing: Authors: Sandra Staves, EPA Region 8; C. Alvin Yorke, Foremost Solutions, Inc.; and Leslie Thompson, Pintail Systems, Inc. Published in Proceedings of the HazWaste World/Superfund XVII Conference (October 1996).

Enhanced In Situ Biotreatment Technologies: The BioNet and the BioLux: Author: Theodore O. Meiggs, Foremost Solutions, Inc. Presented at the Institute of Gas Technology’s Ninth Annual International Symposium on Gas, Oil and Environmental Biotechnology in Colorado Springs (December 9-10, 1996).

Advanced Hydraulic Fracturing Methods to Create In Situ Reactive Barriers: Authors: Larry Murdoch, FRx and Clemson University; Bill Slack, FRx and University of Cincinnati; Bob Siegrist, Colorado School of Mines; Steve Vesper, University of Cincinnati; and Ted Meiggs, Foremost Solutions, Inc. Published in Proceedings of the International Containment Technology Conference (Feb 9-12, 1997).

Creating Deep Permeable Reactive Barriers to Treat Contaminated Groundwater: Authors: Theodore O. Meiggs, Foremost Solutions, Inc.; Wallace H. Baker, Geobase, Inc. Presented at the WERC, WRHSRC and NWHWMS Joint Conference on the Environment, Albuquerque, NM (March 31 – April 1, 1998).


For over 15 years FOREMOST Solutions, Inc (FSI) has been demonstrating the viability and utility of its patented BioLuxing technologies. Considered to be ahead of its time, BioLuxing is the creative result of combining and enhancing proven bioremediation technologies in a synergistic manner. The research and development (R&D) challenge for FSI has been to prove to industry, consultants, and government regulators that each part of the BioLuxing process is scientifically sound and that in terms of its flexibility and efficiency the total value is greater than the sum of its parts.

The following table shows the R&D activities that have been conducted to prove the concepts of BioLuxing.

Concept Needing Proof Proof Needed FSI R&D Activities
Naturally occurring microbes can degrade contamination in the place where it is located; i.e., in situ. Specific microbes can be identified, isolated, cultured and safely injected into comtaminated zones. Many tests completed in industrial and university labs to identify which microbes can degrade specific chemicals. Nine field tests (2 with EPA) completed with positive results.
Microbes perform more efficiently in a luxurious or optimal environment. An in situ engineered environment can be constructed with porous pellets to enhance natural bioremediation. Laboratory & field tests determined critical factors for maximum in situ microbial activity.
Microbes perfer to attach to protected matrices with ready access to nutrients and electron acceptors/donors. Isolite™ provides many key advantages in creating BioLuxes and BioWallsTM. Several inorganic pellets tested and compared to Isolite™, which is made with diatomaceous earth with ideal pore sizes and strength.
Preferential pathways can be created by hydraulic fracturing and filled with inoculated porous pellets to construct enhanced permeable reactive treatment zones. Hydraulic fracturing can create controlled horizontal or vertical treatment lenses and simultaneously inject a slurry that serves as a biocarrier and proppant. Isolite™ was readily inoculated in labs and field and easily injected. Injections monitored for uplift and form. Tests conducted for/by EPA, universities, and industries.
System is bassically passive but can be recharged from surface via injection wells installed for fracturing. Minimum equipment and little on-going maintenance required to degrade contaminants. All phases of "Recharging" have been successfully demonstrated and O&M activities documented and compared to other methods.
BioLuxing is more flexible, less-expensive than most other methods. Can actually enhance other bioremediation methods. Can be used at nearly any site, especially in tight soil conditions not conductive for many remediation methods. Successfully installed wherever attempted at less costs that others. Bids accepted by EPA and State Trust funds.
Fractures create much larger radius of influence than wells used for SVE & Bioventing. Isolite™ fractures enhance premeability of soil and remain open by proppant. Rate of air flow increased by 10-100 times over conventional wells.
BioLuxing can replace SVE, Air Sparging, and BioVenting by stacking Isolite™ fractures. Designs can include air to accomodate fluctuations of groundwater to treat vadose/saturated zones. Bioluxing design out-performed comparative SVE system by 300% for removal of contaminants in NM

Research and Development activities have been conducted by FSI, EPA, 15 universities (see list below), 10 commercial research laboratories, Sumitomo Corporation and the Waste-management Educational and Research Consortium (WERC). WERC is a 10-year old consortium of universities and DOE labs in New Mexico, funded by the DOE and administered through New Mexico State University. Additionally, FSI has had a three-year Cooperative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with EPA's R&D laboratories in Cincinnati,OH and Ada, OK.

Dr. William Mahaffey, Pelorus Environmental and Biotechnology Corporation; Leslie Thompson, Pintail Systems; and Judd Sundine and John Grove of Sundine Enterprises, have conducted considerable microbial related tests with Isolite™ and its use in various bioremediation projects such as mine waste cleanup, re-mineralization of metals, and constructed wetlands. FSI has shown success in using Isolite™ in aerobic and anaerobic environments to degrade petroleum hydrocarbons, BTEX, MTBE, chlorinated solvents, hexavalent chromium, nitrates at various mine wastes.


With assistance from FRx, Inc. and WERC, FSI has designed and built a self-contained mobile hydraulic fracturing and microbial-slurry inoculating unit to emplace its patented BioLuxing technologies.


Universities where research has been conducted for FSI:


• Colorado State University
• University of Colorado
• Colorado School of Mines
• New Mexico State University
• University of New Mexico
• New Mexico Tech
• University of Texas
• University of Iowa
• Michigan Tech
• University of California @ Davis
• University of Southern California
• University of Cincinnati
• Clemson University
• Utah State University
• Montana State University

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