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Why Companies Might Not Realize That Foremost Solutions’ Patent #5,733,067 Covers In situ Chemical Oxidation Processes Such as Injecting Potassium Permanganate Under Fluid Pressure

The application for the subject patent which was submitted in August, 1996, had the title of “Method for Creating Chemical and Biological Reactive Sheets for Remediation of Contaminated Ground Water.” It was submitted as a Continuation-in-Part to a Seth Hunt’s existing patent #5,570,973, “Method and System for Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil Using Inoculated Diatomaceous Earth.” During the prosecution of Patent #5,733,067, its title inexplicably was changed to and issued as, “Method and System for Bioremediation of Contaminated Soil Using Inoculated Support Spheres.”


Even though the Abstract and the contents of the patent clearly describe it as, “A Method used for in situ remediation of contaminated subsurface ground and subsurface water using chemically or biologically reactive sheets,” a person could easily overlook it if he were interested in reviewing in situ chemical remediation techniques only. However, Patent Attorneys advise that it’s the Claims and Specification that prevail, not the title of the patent. Regardless, many contractors and clients miss reviewing this patent in typical searches for jobs similar to the project at the Denver Federal Center. That’s why we are including this on our Website and directly contacting likely contractors and clients.

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