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System Type:

Biological Reactive BioLuxing Enhanced Bioaugmentation Installed with teaming partner, FRx, Inc.

Denver Federal Center, Lakewood, Colorado

General Services Administration –with EPA cooperation

Project Description:

In June 1995 in cooperation with the EPA, GSA, DOI and the State of Colorado, FSI introduced the first enhanced in situ bioremediation system called BioLuxing™. Under the watchful eye and helpful hands of EPA and other government regulators, FSI installed two BioNets™ with four and two BioLuxes, respectively, to bioremediate cutting oil and associated Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) in tight clay and shale soils.
The BioNets were installed as a series of horizontal subsurface disks using hydraulic fracturing techniques. Isolite, a porous ceramic material made from diatomaceous earth, was inoculated with cultures of colonized microbes collected from the site and pumped into the BioLuxes. Aerobic and anaerobic microbes digested the TPH compounds and reduced the initial concentrations of up to 5700 ppm down to 475 ppm in seven months (92 percent reduction).
The design and construction were performed for about $40,000 and monitoring was completed for about $10,000. The environmental issues were resolved and the site was declared by the regulators to require no further action and the construction of a loading ramp scheduled around the building and near a tall decorative wall was completed with no interruptions. The installation required three days.
Nutrients and oxygen were added periodically to the system from the surface mounted injection pipes. Because the soils were so tight and the contamination so deep, traditional treatment methods were not acceptable. The proposed “dig and haul” remediation was estimated to cost over $400,000 and severely disrupt construction adjacent to the building. EPA published and presented articles about the success of the project. Unfortunately, the industry didn’t understand and wouldn’t accept in situ bioremediation yet. FSI was about 5 years ahead of the curve.

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