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History of the X-PeRT™ Treatment Systems


Location: Air Force Base: Cape Canaveral, FL

Description: Zero-valent iron (zvi) permeable treatment wall down to 45' bgs

Method: Jet-Assisted


Location: Maxwell Air Force Base: Montgomery, AL

Description: Chemically Reactive Treatment Sheets to treat Chlorinated Solvents

Method: Jet-assisted vertical V and Y Shaped zvi permeable treatment panels down to 75' bgs

Location: Denver Federal Center: Denver, CO

Description: First BioLux project—bioaugmentation with EPA cooperation

Method: BioLuxing (aerobic treatment of hydrocarbons)


Location: Retail Gasoline Station: Lakewood, CO

Description: Bioaugmentation and biostimulation with Colo. Oil Inspector

Method: BioLuxing with indigenous and commercial microbes


Location: Shadow Mountain Gas Station: Grand Lake, CO

Description: Bioaugmentation—fractures and BioWall

Method: BioLuxing with hydraulic fracturing and a trenched BioWall


Location: New Mexico State Highway Dept.: Continental Divide, NM

Description: Bioaugmentation—with conversion to SVE system

Method: Used packers to stack multiple fractures in each designed borehole


Location: Glenwood Industrial Site: Glenwood Springs, CO

Description: Bio/Chem recirculation system to reduce hexavalent chromium

Method: Bio/Chemical treatment of metals


Location: Industrial Facility: SC

Description: Biostimulation on 32 acre industrial site contaminated with Chlorinated Solvents

Method: Anaerobic BioLuxes at source areas and site boundary using nutrient saturated Isolite pellets


Location: US Army Pueblo Chemical Depot (PUCD): Pueblo, CO

Description: Biostimulation of indigenous microbes to degrade PCE at military base.

Method: Anaerobic BioLuxes near source areas stacked between 38-55 ft. bgs


Location: Retail Dry Cleaning Business: Norcross, GA

Description: Biostimulation with nutrients and Chitin to alter site geochemistry

Method: Enhanced anaerobic treatment of PCE at down-gradient, off-site, wooded slope


Location: MTBE Bioremediation: Ronan, MT

Description: Enhanced multi-faceted, enhanced in situ bioremediation with EPA, et al. under a CRADA

Method: Aerobic bioaugmentation/stimulation to degrade MTBE with EPA's SOS pellets included in slurry

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