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How to Obtain a License to Use Foremost’s BioLuxing and X-PeRT in situ remediation technologies.


Non-exclusive licenses are available throughout the United States for full use of all of Foremost’s technologies, but the number issued will be controlled within geographic regions. As of January 1, 2008, selected companies will pay a negotiated fee for a two-year license. Thereafter, qualifying companies (those who have successfully used the technologies at least 3 times) will be issued long-term licenses with compensation being in the form of a royalty fee to Foremost Solutions for each use. Foremost Solutions is open to discuss sharing royalty fees with License holders. Licenses and certifications will expire for the other companies, but some may re-apply and purchase new 2-year licenses.

Conditions of the licenses will include training and certification prior to use. Issues of concern are approval of design and slurry mix; access of proper fracturing and injection equipment; proof of fracturing skills; and operating, maintenance and monitoring plans.

Licensed companies will have access to expert technical consultation and are required to have certified operators be on site to consult, supervise or conduct the installation of the reactive treatment sheets. Additionally, license holders will be able to rent the fracturing and injection units; obtain microbes and/or proprietary nutrients and Isolite (when available) or other preferred porous pellets specifically tailored for use in the various slurry mixes from Foremost Solutions at discounted rates.


For more information, and further details regarding how to obtain a license, contact us by phone at 303-985-0609 or by email at info@foremostsolutions.com.

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