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Foremost Environmental Solutions (FES) started in 1993 by a group of retired, key, 1971 Charter Members of the US EPA who wanted to “Make a Difference” in the private sector on how contaminated sites could be remediated in a more efficient method. As of 2013, we are the Exclusive, Worldwide Licensee of an Enhanced In Situ Bioremediation (EISB) patent of EPA’s. FES was selected for this honor by EPA as a result of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements (CRADA) they had performed together to verify the capabilities of FES’ patented BioLuxing technologies and EPA’s patented Solid Oxygen Source (SOS) pellets. The SOS pellets are designed to greatly advance how oxygen can be fully supplied throughout the entire treatment zones for long term use in enhanced, aerobic in situ bioremediation utilizing patented BioLuxing or BioNet methodologies.

Back in 1993, only 2% of the nation’s clean ups were completed by in situ bioremediation (ISB) methods. We became recognized leaders in promoting enhanced in situ bioremediation technologies (EISB). We received our first of three EISB patents in 1996 and spent the first 7 years demonstrating its amazing capabilities. Today, according to EPA publications, in situ bioremediation is now the preferred method at most of the USA contaminated sites, from “SuperFund to Mom and Pop” sites, because of ease, safety, cost, and back to nature’s ways.

As part of this 2013 agreement, FES has the rights and obligation to select other remediation companies as sub-licensees of EPA’s patent. The intent is to benefit small companies to have access to this advanced patent and for their clients who own contaminated sites, to capitalize on EPA’s research and development advancements. The BioLuxing technologies contained in EPA’s patent is considered to meet the Agency’s mantra of “Better, Faster and Cheaper.”

In addition to the Exclusive Licensee of the patent, Foremost Environmental Solutions has the exclusive rights to manufacture and distribute EPA’s SOS pellets internationally. In 2013, FES also received a global distributorship of the porous ceramic pellets called Isolite CG, that are an incredible complementary treatment slurry ingredient required in the patent for optimal remediation. The synergy of these two pellets proved to be superior to any of the other in situ bioremediation treatment slurries tested. The EPA researchers and field operators were so pleased with the remediation results, that they authored technical papers and made formal presentations at national and international remediation conferences. They concluded that the BioLuxing technology, utilizing Isolite CG pellets and SOS pellets, and selected microorganisms with nutrients, created the most advanced method of Enhanced, In Situ aerobic Bioremediation. If you want to be part of the “FES/EPA Team,” keep reading. Not only will you have royalty rights to the EPA patent #7,252,986 but, you can have access to FES’ three earlier patented processes that intrigued EPA and led the Agency to their patent. You may also qualify to become sub-distributors of either, or both, Isolite CG and SOS pellets. Interested companies should contact Seth Hunt, FES President, by phone (303) 985-0609 after 7-1-14 or by e-mail, seth.hunt@foremostsolutions.com, to discuss the terms and conditions of Distributorships.


We were pioneers in promoting (EISB) by installing a variety of in situ cleanup techniques, many of which were demonstrations. Our leading microbiologist/chemist, Dr. William Mahaffey, was one of the national experts who authored a commissioned book for EPA and the National Academy of Science titled, In Situ Bioremediation, How Does it Work? We shared our BioLuxing technology with other remediation companies and with EPA by use of Cooperative Research and Development Agreements which ultimately led to EPA inventing a superior method of supplying long term, Slow-releasing Oxygen Source (SOS) which was adequately distributed throughout the in situ treatment zones. Used in our patented installation method, which was basically designed around porous ceramic pellets, Isolite acts as the microbial/nutrient carrier and proppant to the created fractures. By mixing SOS pellets in our proprietary treatment slurry, EPA had amazing results. EPA received a patent, #7,252,986 for the SOS pellets and for a version of our BioLuxing installation techniques.

As the result of our cooperative efforts, EPA and FES determined that the two most important ingredients in our treatment slurry were Isolite CG pellets, manufactured by a Division of Sumitomo Corp in Japan and EPA’s patented SOS pellets. Our company was selected by EPA in 2013 to be their Exclusive Worldwide Licensee for their greatly enhanced in situ bioremediation patent and total management of the SOS pellets. FES also negotiated a new and much bigger agreement with Sumitomo’s Division, Isolite Insulating and Products, to become a global Distributor of Isolite CG for environmental remediation and, now for any of the many uses in the “Green Industry.” The initial purpose of manufacturing Isolite CG was to enhance soil conditions and to drastically conserve water. We have determined that SOS pellets and Isolite CG also complement each other in many “Green Industry” businesses.

Now, What We Do
In addition to installing in situ bioremediation treatment systems, we supply the special products, Isolite CG and SOS pellets et.al, to companies in business of environmental protection, including carbon capture, and water filtration and cleanup as well as companies that could improve enhancements in the green industry. The green industry includes lawns, golf courses, sod farms, tree farms, nurseries, gardens, stadiums, farms, ranches, septic systems, house and garden plants, constructed wetlands, etc.

Our agreements with both EPA and Isolite Products are that we will establish a network of distributors for both industries. If your company is interested in joining what we do by becoming a non-exclusive Distributor for one or both of the products, you should contact Seth Hunt, FES President, by phone (303) 985-0609 or by e-mail, seth.hunt@foremostsolutions.com, after July 1, 2014, to discuss the terms and conditions of Distributorships.


Foremost Environmental Solutions, LLC (FES) was established in 2005, as the restructured environmental successor of Foremost Solutions, Inc, (FSI) of Golden, CO, and as the first company licensed to use the patented X-PeRT™ enhanced in situ remediation methods.


FSI was incorporated in 1993 as an expansion of Foremost Solutions, its predecessor, which was originally established in 1988 as an environmental consulting and executive development company in Lakewood, CO. All of the companies were founded by Seth C. Hunt, a former administrator and charter member of the US Environmental Protection Agency as well as the President/Chairman and founder of USTMAN Industries.


BioLuxing™ was first introduced in 1994 as a patent-pending, fracture-enhanced in situ bioremediation system and the technology was initially tested and reviewed by EPA at their research center in Cincinnati in April, 1995. FSI successfully demonstrated BioLuxing’s ease and effectiveness to EPA, state and federal regulators on a full remediation project at the Denver Federal Center in the summer of 1995. The patent was issued in 1996.


In 1996, FSI expanded its patented procedures of fracture-enhanced in situ remediation technologies to include X-PeRT™ chemical, biochemical and physical technologies, and various combinations, thereof. (PeRT: Permeable Reactive Treatment systems or techniques used in the industry for cleaning up contaminated groundwater.) The system is permeable to groundwater but is reactive in that it traps and treats the contamination being transported by the groundwater.


X-PeRT™ equals the foremost remediation solution for a particular project after all the variables, or X-factors, are taken into account in designing and installing the permanent reactive treatment sheets in a configuration that will best “capture, treat, destroy, immobilize or convert” the contaminant.


This multi-phased approach was demonstrated for AFCEE and US Army COE in 1997 and 1998, and on an EPA project site in Montana in 2000.


Good News! For companies who wish to succeed in offering enhanced in situ remediation technologies throughout the United States, Foremost Environmental Solutions, LLC is issuing licenses for these proven and EPA-evaluated and published technologies.

Note to clients and environmental consultants:


If you have or are considering using any kind of fracture-enhanced in situ remediation technologies at your site, congratulations—it’s probably the most economic and efficient method available. However, you are advised to confirm that the installers of the system either have a bona fide license from FES or verify that their proposed installation does not infringe on the patents identified and described under "Methodology." The Foremost patents are quite comprehensive and a royalty fee is required.

This image depicts what a typical in situ remediation site looks like only days after installation. The white posts were installed only so that the otherwise invisible wells could be identified and avoided by field equipment.


EPA RELATIONS: Cooperative Efforts with Foremost Environmental Solutions

BioLuxing Demonstrations with EPA


Between April 1995 and October 2001, EPA field specialists and research employees participated in the planning and the field installation with Foremost employees on three projects under a Cooperative Development and Research Agreement, (CRADA). Two of the projects included other Federal and State employees who evaluated the procedures and assisted EPA in sampling and evaluating samples. When the projects were completed and met the established goals, the EPA principals then published articles and made formal presentations concerning the successful full-field projects. EPA’s supportive involvement with Foremost Environmental Solutions is summarized below.


Also, at the end of this section, read about how Mitsubishi International Corporation conducted an independent evaluation of 100 international environmental remediation technologies and selected Foremost’s “X-PeRT Systems” as the “Best of the Breed” and then developed a PowerPoint presentation which endorsed the technologies of the “X-PeRT Systems” as the recommended solution for in situ projects. The presentation is viewable by clicking on the MIC link below.


• April, 1995 at EPA’s Center Hill Research Center in Cincinnati:
EPA installs first hydraulic fracture with Isolite as the biocarrier and proppant. Findings: “Isolite is easier to fracture with than sand and is an excellent biocarrier.”


June, 1995 at Denver Federal Center:
EPA R&D and Region 8 participated in seminar hosted by GSA for federal and state regulators and environmental consultants to describe and demonstrate new BioLuxing™ concept with Foremost Solutions and the participated in first field installation of BioLuxing™. The project was to clean up a site adjacent to a Bureau of Reclamation building that was contaminated with cutting oil spilled in the 1940’s. EPA took core samples to examine the Isolite fractures and to take soil samples for their analysis of the contamination, before and after treatment. A “No further action” decision was made for the site after one year, and the Bureau of Reclamation and GSA were allowed to construct a loading dock in the area within a few months after the in situ bioremediation project was started.


October, 2000 at Service Station in Montana on Indian Reservation:
EPA R&D and Region 8, et al. Worked with Foremost Solutions under a Cooperative Research and Development Agreement to demonstrate BioLuxing capabilities and flexibility in cleaning up MTBE on a remote gasoline service station site that EPA assumed responsibility to remediate.

November, 2005 EPA Uses BioLuxing Project for EPA’s Science Forum. EPA selected the Montana MTBE project to publicize and use to discuss with students interested in environmental protection and cleanup technologies.


• Present:

FES is pursuing opportunities with EPA R&D to license, manufacture and distribute EPA’s patented slow release oxygen pellets (SOS) under CRADA (Cooperative Research and Development Agreement).


EPA’s Publications and Presentations About FSI and BioLuxing


• Superfund Convention in Washington, DC, October, 1996:
Presentation and publication by Region VIII program manager about 1st BioLuxing™ Project


• Publication on EPA’s March, 1998 “Ground Water Current” Summarized BioLuxing™ project conducted at Denver Federal Center for federal agency and evaluated by EPA and state regulators.


• Battelle’s 3rd Annual International Conference of Remediation of Chlorinated and Recalcitrant Compounds in Monterey, CA, May, 2002:
Joint-presentation and publication by Foremost Solutions and EPA Regional Project Manager and Center Hill Research Project Manager on MTBE cooperative demonstration project in Montana with EPA and state regulators, et.al.

Also, Foremost Solutions shared Booth with EPA for Poster Presentation on first major enhanced in situ bioremediation commercial project at large industrial site to remediate Chlorinated Solvents


• National Remediation Convention for Industrial Microbiologists in Philadelphia, PA, in August, 2002:
Presentation by EPA Research Project Manager on cooperative demonstration with Foremost Solutions using inoculated Isolite and EPA’s SOS (Solid Oxygen Source) pellets in an enhanced in situ bioremediation method to clean up MTBE.


• EPA’s Annual National Meeting with State Regulators, Albuquerque, NM September 2001:
Region VIII UST Program Manager presented paper describing BioLuxing’s capabilities and advantages as an enhanced in situ bioremediation technology.


• EPA’s National Science Forum, 2005:
EPA prepared posters, handouts, and a PowerPoint presentation describing the methods and results of the successful in situ bioremediation demonstration EPA and Foremost Solutions conducted to clean up MTBE. The presentations were made at schools throughout the country to encourage students to consider environmental studies and careers.


International Attention & Endorsement


2002-2003, Mitsubishi International Corporation (MIC), Environmental Division:

Mitsubishi reviewed and evaluated over 100 remediation technologies while considering possibilities of increasing assistance to their primary or major clients with environmental issues. After their review was completed, they selected two technologies--Foremost Solutions’ X-PeRT™ Treatment Systems as the “Best of the Breed” for in situ remediation and a Great Britain technology for another unrelated environmental project in Europe.


Mitsubishi International Corporation's (MIC) PowerPoint Presentation about Foremost Solutions’ X-PeRT™ Treatment Systems

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