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Sundine Enterprises

Founder and Owner, Judd Sundine, has been an Affiliate and Consultant to Foremost Solutions since 1989. Mr. Sundine is the national expert for the Isolite CG product.

Sundine Enterprises Inc. (SEI) is in the business of preserving and improving our soil, green, and water environment locally, nationally, and internationally by providing permanent and efficient solutions. SEI services and products focus primarily in the following areas: soil design (alteration of soil structure), in situ soil testing, ponds and lakes, vegetated microbial biofilters (constructed wetlands) for soil site seepage treatment, streambed construction & restoration, and designed potable water delivery systems.

SEI implements the energy efficient technology of electrocoagulation (EC) to cleanup to reusable or discharge standards industrial and municipal wastewater such as drinking water, oil and gas production water, frac water, mine water, silica-laden cooling tower blow-down water, food processing water, aquaculture water, beverage production water, commercial laundries water, and sewage wastewater treatment water. More specifically, our EC efficiently reduces, and/or removes BOD, TSS, fecal coliform, viruses, pharmaceuticals, personal care products (PCP), phosphorus, and heavy metals such as arsenic, selenium, fluoride, and radioisotopes from wastewater.


Phone: 720.363.0548

Email: isolite@ix.netcom.com

Web: www.sundineenterprises.com

Vista GeoScience

Vista GeoScience's staff has over 80 years of combined experience in sample collection, analysis and interpretation of data. They design, conduct and interpret geochemical surveys to meet exploration objectives.

Some of the exploration services provided are as follows:

-Complete sampling design and field services including experts that can train your crews, to percussion drill rigs with experience operators for collecting the highest quality of soil and soil gas samples.

-Truck or helicopter mounted infra-red spectrometer surveys for mapping macro gas seeps including methane, CO2 and heavier hydrocarbons rapidly over large areas, land or offshore.

-Gas exploration using light hydrocarbons extracted from free soil gas, adsorbed soil gas or passive soil gas collectors.

-Collection of soil or gas samples from 0.5 to 10 meters.

-Analysis of water well samples for trace hydrocarbon gases and mineral indicators.

-Analysis of fixed gases including He, Ne, Ar, H2, O2, CO2, as tracers or indicators of alterations and reducing conditions.

-Oil and gas exploration using the above techniques plus Synchronous Scanned Fluorescence or thermally desorbed hydrocarbons for extended trace oil range hydrocarbons.

-Trace metals analysis for identifying alteration affects of oil and gas migration chimneys, structure features or reservoir features, such as hydrothermal dolomites.

-Uranium exploration using Radon analysis of soil gas in the field combined with He, CO2, O2, other fixed gases and hydrocarbons as pathfinders to --Uranium rollfront deposits.

-Sophisticated statistical interpretation of data, analog modeling, using robust statistical software and analysis methods.

Vista GeoScience of Golden, CO was the first company to purchase a license from Foremost ENVIRONMENTAL Solutions to utilize our patented technologies of in situ remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater. Prior to their license, Vista GeoScience and Foremost Solutions had a teaming agreement for several years using the patented technologies on government and commercial sites. All of our projects were successful and completed on time and on budget.

Phone: 303.277.1694

Fax: 303.278.0104

Email: info@vistageoscience.com

Web: www.vistageoscience.com


Capital Environmental LLC

Operating out of Northborough, Massachusetts, Capital Environmental provides customers with a comprehensive range of environmental services. As the demand for environmental services grows, Capital Environmental provides a ready source for one-stop service, a convenient and thorough alternative to using multiple firms to achieve one goal. Capital Environmental serves Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Vermont, Maine and Eastern New York State. Rob Berger, President, is a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) and consults with several major oil companies in the NE States. He has over 25 years of environmental experience and has been a teaming partner with FES since 2013. Capital Environmental is intending to qualify for a sub-licensee to use the EPA patent and a Distributor of Isolite Porous Ceramic Pellets and EPA's patented Solid Oxygen Source (SOS Pellets).


Phone: 508.439.2083

Cell: 508.393.5550

Fax: 508.393.5567

Email: rob@capital-enviro.com

Web: www.capital-enviro.com

Pelorus Environmental & Biotechnical Corporation

Founder and Owner, Dr. William Mahaffey has served as a consultant and as an affiliate of Foremost Solutions as a subcontractor and Board Member/Chairman since 1995. In 2012, Pelorus was acquired by Vista GeoScience, but Dr. Mahaffey remains as a private consultant of Foremost and is the Chairman of the Advisory Board.

Since selling his company to Vista GeoScience, Dr. Mahaffey's consulting provides the biogedradation expertise for FOREMOST Environmental Solutions' projects. Dr. William R. Mahaffey, a nationally recognized expert in the field of environmental microbiology, was the President & Chief Technical Officer of Pelorus. Dr. Mahaffey served on the National Research Council Committee on In Situ Bioremediation, which published the book entitled "In Situ Bioremediation - When Does It Work?" (ISBN 0-309-04896-6). The book can be obtained from the National Academy Press; 2101 Constitution Avenue, N.W.; Washington, DC 20418.

Dr. Mahaffey, who is also an outstanding chemist, provides the excellent environmental services included in situ remediation, remediation services, water treatment systems, and air treatment systems. Dr. Mahaffey's consulting biotechnology services include biocatalysis, genetic probes & cloning, and chemical oxidation (CHEMOX) fermentation development.


Phone: 720.630.2906

Cell: 720.292.0997

Fax: 303.670.5139

Email: mahaffwr@pelorusenbiotech.com

Web: www.pelorusenbiotech.com


FOREMOST Solutions, Inc. utilized the capabilities of FRx to create underground fractures for emplacement of bioremediation treatment materials. FRx personnel pioneered the use of hydraulic fracturing for the enhancement of in situ environmental remediation. Fracturing techniques were developed and refined during extensive research with the U. S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) and Foremost Solutions. FRx personnel participated in the nation’s first hydraulic fracturing demonstration as an innovative technology in the USEPA’s SITE program. The FRx web site provides more information about the company and considerable information on hydraulic fracturing.

FRx was the pioneer in using hydraulic fracturing to establish in situ environmental treatment systems in the early 1990's. FRx became an affiliate of Foremost Solutions in 1995 and then co-authored a patent with Foremost to expand the methods to remediate in situ projects, biological and chemical. This patent was assigned to Foremost Solutions. FRx served as a subcontractor to Foremost on several successful projects including Foremost's patented BioLuxing and the X-PeRT Systems using the ceramic, porous Isolite CG pellets as a proppant and carrier of microbes, nutrients and oxygen for biological treatment and/or chemical treatments.


Phone: 513.469.6040

Fax: 513.469.6041

Email: webmaster@frx-inc.com

Web: www.frx-inc.com

Waste-Management Education & Research Consortium (WERC)

WERC was established through U. S. Department of Energy sponsorship to expand the nation’s capability to address waste management issues through education, technology development, and technology transfer. WERC members include New Mexico State University, the University of New Mexico, the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology, and Dine College (formerly Navajo Community College). WERC also collaborates with the Sandia National Laboratories and the Los Alamos Laboratory. WERC is committed to the education of future and working professionals who address waste management issues. Its mission is to provide new resource for the U. S. and the world to meet the environmental challenges we face now and will face in the future. It provides an integrated approach to education, technology development, and technology transfer.

WERC has a cooperative technology demonstration and commercialization relationship with FOREMOST Solutions, Inc. (FSI). Under this agreement WERC participates in the commercialization of the FSI technology by assisting FSI in completing the demonstration of the technology at one site, providing engineering and design assistance of equipment, manufacturing field demonstration unit(s) as needed, and providing other assistance as allowed under WERC’s cooperative agreement.

WERC is located in Las Cruces, NM at the New Mexico State University


Dr. Abbas Ghassemi, Director

Phone: 505.646.2038

Fax: 505.646.4149

Email: moreinfo@werc.net

Web: www.werc.net

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